Adjustable Antistatic ESD SMT PCB Magazine Rack

ESD SMT PCB Magazine Rack is uesd to storage and transport  PCB board in electronics factories.

重量 N/A
尺寸 355 × 320 × 563 毫米
Slot depth


Slot width




Surface resistance

10^5-10^9 Ω

Weight capacity

50 Kg

PCB storage capacity

50 pcs

Side board Material

PP Plastic

Width adjustable


Ref. position

A=34mm B=34mm

ESD SMT PCB Magazine Rack is also called PCB automatic loading rack, PCB collection box, SMT loading and unloading rack, etc, which is generally applicable to automatic upper and lower plate machine, with acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-dust, anti-static characteristics, suitable for electronic industry, dust-free workshop, petrochemical and other fields, and used in the factory transportation, distribution, storage, circulation and processing.

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